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Referral Marketing Made Easy: How To Unlock Hidden Value In Your Current Customer Base

Referral marketing is the eCommerce version of reaching customers by word of mouth, and according to the New York Times, 65% of all new business actually comes from referrals.

In this podcast, we’re speaking with Bradley Kam, the CEO of referral marketing automation platform, Talkable, to learn what top brands are doing to win at referral marketing and how you can easily get started with a successful referral program for your eCommerce site.


[3:02] – Getting Started With the Right Referral Program For Your Business

[6:34] – What Top Brands Are Doing to Win at Referral Marketing

[12:20] – How To Get Shoppers Excited About Your Products

[21:22] – The Best Incentives and Channels To Use For Your Promotions

[24:34] – Encouraging Repeat Purchases By Simulating the Group Shopping Experience Online




Daniel: All right. Hi everybody, welcome back to another episode of eCommThinkTank. My name is Daniel Kohn, and today we’re talking all about referral marketing. Referral marketing, definitely something that works offline very successfully and over the years there have been some really cool tools that have come about to make the whole strategy work really well online and today we’re going to be talking with Brad Kam who is the CEO of a really great referral marketing tool called Talkable, and we’re going to be talking with Brad all about how to actually set up a really good referral marketing campaign and how to measure the success of your referral marketing programs and just generally looking at how to really get the most out of these types of marketing campaigns online. So Brad, welcome to the show, thanks for joining us.

Bradley: Thanks a lot for having me.

Daniel: Yeah, so maybe just to help us get started and give us some contacts, maybe give us a little overview of Talkable?

ecommerce email marketing template

Bradley: Sure, so Talkable is a referral marketing software platform and the way we see ourselves is we are a marketing automation platform for the referral channel. And at its core what we’re doing is we are making an existing customer base more valuable. So we work with eCommerce companies that have an existing pool of customers. If they take those customers and get them to refer friends, they use existing customers to get them more customers and to get them more sales. So it’s basically unlocking this value that your customer base already has.