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Insider Secrets To Kickstart and Skyrocket Your Retargeting Campaigns

The chances of an online shopper buying on the first visit to your site are pretty slim.  But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested and won’t be back – the key to having them revisit and completing a sale is realizing that they are still on their purchasing journey.

You know that they have some purchase intent – they visited your website to check something out. Now, what you need to do is keep the lines of communication open, and get your message across to bring them back to close the deal.

On this call I’m speaking with Marcus Cudd, the founder of SearchworxX, and we cover all you need to know about retargeting, and making sure you continue to put your offer in front of warm prospects.

[spp-player][spp-timestamp time=”4:15″] – The role retargeting plays in the customer journey.[spp-timestamp time=”7:40″] – How to use retargeting to get more information from your customers.[spp-timestamp time=”10:45″] – Which type of retagreting ads work best.[spp-timestamp time=”14:00″] – The crucial elements of a successful retargeting campaign.[spp-timestamp time=”19:10″] – Which retargeting network is the ‘best’ for online retailers?[spp-timestamp time=”26:20″] – How to budget a retargeting campaign.

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Read the transcript:

Daniel: Hi everybody. Welcome back to another episode of eCommThinkTank, my name is Daniel Kohn and today we’re going to be talking all about retargeting. We’re going to be joined by Marcus Cudd who is the president and team lead at a very interesting search agency called and Marcus and SearchworxX are very focused around retargeting and specialize a great deal in retargeting and I thought it would be interesting to get Marcus on and talk a little bit more about some of the bigger picture ideas around retargeting, how to improve your retargeting campaigns or if you’re not doing retargeting yet how to actually approach it and possibly get started. So Marcus welcome to the show.

Marcus Cudd: Thanks, it’s great to be here, thanks for having me.

Daniel: Yeah, so maybe just to get started, maybe give us a little overview of SearchworxX, what you guys do and then specifically around retargeting.

Marcus Cudd: Yeah, absolutely SearchworxX is an agency I founded almost a decade ago. We kind of burst onto the scene as an SEO agency in our local area. We actually evolved into an agency that provided SEO and other digital marketing services support for direct clients as well as other agencies around the country. That has been something that we’ve continued to do and it’s been a core business in that process of evolving we became very interested in retargeting and the types of activities, engagements, saying conversions we were seeing from it. We decided to focus a lot of our energies on assisting our clients and agencies on really improving their retargeting efforts. So we’ve become strategic experts in the part of digital marketing so we’re constantly excited to talk about it.

Daniel: Right. So just to sort of get started and get into the whole world of retargeting maybe a good starting point would be to maybe help us understand a little bit more about how to actually view retargeting as a strategy I guess when you put it in line against all the other areas of the online marketing paradigm. You’ve got all these, paid search, SEO, affiliate stuff, like how should people really look at retargeting as a strategy?