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Insider Tips To Convert More Sales With Social Media

With the evolution of social media and ever-changing network algorithms, eCommerce merchants often struggle to directly translate social media engagement into sales.

Social networks are just like any other unique marketing channel, and they can be leveraged to increase traffic and conversions.  For example, social logins, when done right, can decrease bounce and abandonment rates, especially for mobile, and social sharing can become one of your strongest referral channels.

In this podcast, we spoke with Peter Messmer, Director of Growth for on-site marketing platform, AddShoppers. Peter shared some insider tips on how eCommerce sites can better leverage their shoppers’ social media engagement to convert more sales and decrease abandonment.


[6:25] – Understanding Social Media to Drive Traffic and Close Sales

[9:10] – Selecting the Right Networks for Your Industry and Brand

[14:05] – The Secret to Keeping Users Onsite with Social Logins

[17:37] – Using Social Media Buttons for Mobile Optimization


[26:03] – Getting More Out of Your Customer Base with Social Media


2015 On-Site Marketing Report


Daniel: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of eCommThinkTank. My name is Daniel Kohn and today we’re talking all about social media. We’re going to be looking at some strategies that you could implement for your retail store. We’re going to be looking at ideas and ways to approach social media. And we’re going to be talking about some examples and how to actually measure some of your social media initiatives. And so with me today to be talking all about this and more, we’re talking with Peter Messmer, who is the Director of Growth at a really cool platform that we’ve been looking and working with called AddShoppers. And AddShoppers has an amazing slew of tools. So Peter, welcome to the show.

Peter: Hey, thanks. I’m really happy to be here.

Daniel: Maybe to get started, Peter because AddShoppers is quite a dynamic platform with its offering, maybe you can take us through it a little bit and tell us a little bit about the platform and how it helps online retailers?

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Peter: Yeah, sure. So AddShoppers is what we call an on-site influencer marketing platform. So basically, our platform’s divided into 12 different apps and those apps help you do things from identifying your influencers and your being able to tell how much revenue, shares, sales they’re driving to the store, how much revenue you’re getting from some of the channels like Facebook and Twitter and all the social sources. To tools to help you increase sharing, get people to share out more, really increase that social engagement there. And also tools to help close some of the traffic that’s coming from all that social and influencer activity. So we have some tools as well to help boost conversions and increase conversion rates a little bit, too.