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5 Big Ideas to Keep Customers Happy and Increase Your Sales with Live Chat

While the online marketshare continues to grow, shoppers have come to expect a lot from eCommerce sites. And with more and more eTailers popping up daily, businesses are constantly looking for ways to outsell their competitors. Using a live chat sotfware on your online store can provide your shoppers with a more personalized experience and increase conversions for your business.

We spoke with Karl Pawlewicz, the voice of Olark, and in this interview he revealed some insider tips on how you can use online chat to improve customer statisfaction and win over more customers.



[spp-timestamp time=”5:27″] – 3 Fundamental Uses of Live Chat

[spp-timestamp time=”13:10″] – Best Practices for Reaching Out to Shoppers Browsing Your Store

[spp-timestamp time=”18:15″] – Know How to Talk to Your Customers and Who Should Do It

[spp-timestamp time=”24:15″] – 3 Tools to Keep Your Live Chat Up to Par

[spp-timestamp time=”29:57″] – Tricks To Get Browsers to Chat With You


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Daniel: Hi everybody. Welcome back to another episode of eCommThinkTank. My name is Daniel Kohn. And today, we’re talking all about live chat. Live chat is definitely one of those things that I know a lot of people think about implementing on their website. They know they should be implementing it on their website, but somehow it just falls through the gaps. And I know from firsthand experience that having a really good live chat strategy on your website can be really helpful in customer engagement and getting more people through the checkout process.

So with me to talk a little bit more about live chat and how we could possibly get over some of those hurdles. We’re speaking with Karl Pawlewicz who is the Voice of Olark, which is a really cool live chat platform that I’ve actually been following for quite a couple of years. And hopefully today, we’ll get more insight around live chat. So Karl, welcome to the show.

Karl: Hey, Daniel. Thanks very much for having me on.

Daniel: Yeah. I know all about Olark and what you guys do. Maybe you could share with everybody what Olark is, and how you guys help companies do better online.

Karl: Sure, absolutely. So if you’ve ever visited a website and come to the homepage or come to a contact page and had found a small tab that pops up in the bottom right hand corner with a note saying, “Click here to chat with someone,” chances are you’ve seen Olark live chat on someone’s website.

At the very basic element, we’re a live chat software provider. So we give you the code to put a live chat widget on your site, and it makes it really easy for you, the business owner, or shop owner to talk to customers who may be browsing, who may have a question, may need some reassurance before they go ahead and make a purchase on your site.

So it’s a really easy way for you to connect with consumers that are currently on your site. Sort of as an extension to that, we’ve worked with a number of retail companies and SaaS companies, and we’ve looked at a lot of best practices for customer support and service. And so in addition to providing you with the software, we also sometimes provide some guidance or best practices on how to do customer support and service through live chat. So we’re sort of offering free consultation in addition to the software.