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How To Drive Greater Customer Retention With Loyalty and Reward Programs

Shopping online gives us the availability of choosing from a plethora of vendors.  Great for shoppers – but for eCommerce stores, this means that a first time buyer doesn’t usually translate into becoming a regular customer. And to that end we invest heavily in trying to get them back.

Whether through email marketing, beefing up customer service, or retargeting, there are a lot of options to try to bring them back.  But one area frequently overlooked, despite how easy it could be, is implementing a loyalty and rewards program to get new loyal customers.

With us today is Mike Rossi, CEO & Co-Founder of Sweet Tooth, an awesome company that helps eCommerce stores create and maintain a loyalty and reward programs.  We discuss how effective it is at creating loyal customers, as well as how already loyal customers will become more profitable.


[spp-timestamp time=”3:00″] – 3 most effective ways to create a loyal customer base

[spp-timestamp time=”8:20″] – When to start a loyalty rewards program.

[spp-timestamp time=”10:39″] – 2 reasons customer loyalty is crucial

[spp-timestamp time=”14:04″] – How to implement your loyalty program.

[spp-timestamp time=”18:35″] – The critical elements of a successful loyalty program.[spp-timestamp time=”27:36″] – How the industry has shifted focus to customer retention


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Daniel: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of eCommThinkTank. My name is Daniel Kohn, and today we’re going to be looking at loyalty and reward programs and how to actually drive a greater loyalty with your customers online. Loyalty’s obviously been a very big thing in offline retail for many years, especially in competitive spaces. I’m trying to figure out how to actually keep more customers for longer as opposed to constantly trying to find new customers. So, with us to talk more about loyalty and rewards and just trying to break it down a little bit to actually get a better understanding of how it works and what the benefits are, we’re being joined by Mike Rossi who is the founder and CEO of a really cool loyalty and reward program called Sweet Tooth. So Mike, welcome to the show.

Mike: Yeah, thanks for having me, Daniel.

Daniel: Yeah. So, before we sort of get into the meat and potatoes of it all, maybe just tell us a little bit about Sweet Tooth, how you got started with this company, and what you guys do.

Mike: Yeah, for sure. So, a few years ago there was a couple of us at the University of Waterloo, and we were doing eCommerce consulting projects for online merchants, very similar to what you would imagine an agency does. And what we noticed is more and more Magento sites actually were having trouble retaining their customers and they were asking for some sort of loyalty or rewards program. So, what we built is one of the first, if not the first, loyalty program extension for Magento. And that seemed to be doing quite well, and it did well to the point where we stopped doing our agency projects and we decided to focus exclusively on that Magento extension.And as we’ve seen over the previous few years, other e-commerce platforms have started taking off.

And in that sort of environment, what we decided to do is expand our technology just for Magento to all e-commerce platforms, and now we’re on platforms such as Shopify and Big Commerce. And what we do is we provide white labeled loyalty programs for merchants, so we allow them to run their own brand of loyalty programs to allow their customers to come back and earn points for repeat purchases and different customer actions. So, we’re very passionate about allowing a merchant to bring their customers back to their own store, as opposed to switching to competitors in the future.