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How Frequently You Should Be Emailing Your Subscribers (And Here’s Why)

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In our Email FAQs series, we answer your email marketing questions! In this episode, Daniel Kohn, the Founder of SmartMail, answers this email marketing question he gets asked all the time by online retailers: How frequently should I be emailing my subscribers?

So you’ve worked real hard to build and grow your list of subscribers for your online store, now what? How often should you be reaching out to them? What should you be sending your subscribers and when?

Watch the video below to find out! You can also read the full article or listen to the audio at the bottom of the post.

Hey there. Welcome back to another episode of eCommerce Email FAQs. My name is Daniel Kohn, and today we’re looking at the question, which is actually a very common question, how frequently should you be emailing your subscriber list?

Email Your Subscribers When You Actually Have Something to Say

Probably one of the most common questions we get asked all the time, and most people don’t really know how often they should be emailing their list.

And the truth is that it’s not one answer fits all, it really depends, but the general rule of thumb that I usually tell people, and it usually holds true in most cases, is that you wanna be emailing people when you have something really interesting to say.

Because if you just keep emailing people for the sake of emailing people, you’re gonna run into delivery issues, because your open rates are gonna go down. People are gonna stop clicking on your content, because it’s not interesting anymore.

So, you know, if you’re selling consumable base products, you know, one real thing is that if you have, like, a great deal or you have constantly great deals, then you wanna be emailing your list more frequently.

If you’re selling something that’s a little bit unexciting, and maybe, you know, people don’t buy your particular products so frequently, it wouldn’t make sense to email your list every day or every week.

Think About Your Customer Base and How They Use Your eCommerce Products

I know a company who sells products for old people.

I told them 50 million times that they shouldn’t be mailing their list every week, because most people who buy from them buy very specific things.

Now, they’re not interested in wheelchairs and all these other things if they bought, you know, a walking stick.

They never listen. They keep emailing their list.

Their open rates and click-through rates are terrible. They still can’t figure out why their email channel doesn’t perform so well, and I’ve told them 50 times.

But it’s something you really need to be, you know, mindful of, and it really differs from product to product.

So, If you’re a deals-based site, then you wanna be emailing your list on a daily basis with your latest deals, because that makes sense.

But if you’re like this other person I’m talking about who, you know, is selling products that are very specific and fill very specific needs to very specific people, they’re not really interested in all your other stuff.

So, you know, maybe you might wanna email them once a month about some other general purposes, or maybe some blog articles, or you wanna stay in touch with people, but you don’t wanna be emailing them just for the sake of emailing them.

There’s a very fine line in doing that.

And so I think you really need to think about, you know, what would make sense for your business.

Increase Email Sends Gradually to Effectively Increase Engagement

My other suggestion is that once you start ramping up your cycle, rather than ramping up every single day or every single week, I would start off more slowly.

If you feel like you can be more aggressive in your emailing practices in your cycle, then you wanna speed it up a little bit and maybe go from doing it once a month to once every two weeks and then go from once every two weeks to one week.

The main litmus test that you really wanna check is what are the engagement rates when you added an extra email into the mix.

So, if you go from once a month to once every two weeks, what are the open rates looking like on the second one that goes out two weeks later, because people on your list aren’t used to getting that second email yet.

Pay Attention to Open and Click-Through Rates to Track Engagement

If you see that the engagement rates are still fairly decent, then you might wanna go and go from two to three.

Even if you feel like you can keep going, and going, and going, I still think you need to come back to my first point in that, you know, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to constantly email people.

So, you wanna find that sweet spot between both of those ideas, the first idea being, you know, understanding your product and your product buying cycle and, two, understanding, you know, the frequency based on your engagement rates.

And then that should really give you the ultimate idea of how frequently or infrequently you should be mailing your list.

But the one thing that you shouldn’t be doing, the biggest no-no, is to not mail your list at all, because if you have, you know, 20,000 people on your list, and you’ve got a big promotion coming up in six months, and you haven’t mailed your list at all, when you do actually go to mail them, they’re gonna forget who you are, your engagements rates aren’t gonna be as high, and maybe you might suffer from delivery issues, because you haven’t mailed that list.


Whoever you’re using as a sender, whether it’s MailChimp or whoever it is, their servers might not serve your emails into the inboxes as easily, because you haven’t used the account in a while.

Keep Your Email Subscribers List Warm With Consistency

The trick is to keep your list warm. That’s for sure. So, at the very least, I’d say something at least once a month, and then finding that sweet spot sort of beyond that would be ideal.

I hope that helps you figure out how frequently you should be emailing your list. If you got any thoughts or feedback, feel free to comment below. I’ll do my very best to be active and participate in the comments.

And if you’ve got any feedback on how frequently you’re emailing your list or what you did to figure out how frequently or infrequently you should be emailing your list, you know, please, you know, share with us below, and let’s get that dialogue happening. So, thanks for watching, and, hopefully, this was a helpful video.

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