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eCommerce Analytics Made Easy with Popcorn Metrics

As merchants turn to data for insights into how they can generate more sales and improve user experience, the need for eCommerce analytics tools that are easy to implement and use continues to grow.

Popcorn Metrics is making it easy for eCommerce sites to implement data-driven marketing campaigns with their simple yet robust integration for 3rd party platforms. In this podcast, we spoke with Popcorn Metrics’ co-founder and CEO, Paul Boyce, who shared some great strategies on how eCommerce marketing professionals can extract and utilize meaningful data-points to power intelligent marketing campaigns and increase conversions for their sites.


[13:13] – Why Using Multiple Marketing Tools is Actually Better Than Just One

[17:36] – Using eCommerce Analytics to Drive Your Marketing Efforts

[22:40] – Key Metrics Every eCommerce Store Should Be Tracking

[38:01] – The Key to eCommerce Personalization

[38:37] – Optimizing Customer Acquisition Channels Through Analytics

[43:14] – Tips and Tricks For Using Data to Grow Your Business


Segment – data streaming for eCommerce

Mixpanel – eCommerce analytics

Optimizely – Conversion Rate Optimization for eCommerce

VWO – A/B testing for eCommerce

Kissmetrics – behavioral analytics

Woopra – eCommerce analytics

Qualaroo – eCommerce customer surveys


Daniel: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of eCommThinkTank. My name is Daniel Kohn, and today we’re talking about a topic that I think every digital marketer could really relate to. It’s all about how to really track and set up integrations to be able to collect meaningful data, and use your data in a meaningful way for your website. And to be able to take and get meaningful insights from your data. And I guess the biggest challenge of doing all this, is actually getting everything set up in the first place, and dealing with developers, and dealing with integrations, it’s a total pain in the neck. I’m talking today with Paul Boyce, who is the co-founder and CEO of a really cool platform called Popcorn Metrics.

And when we came across Popcorn Metrics, my jaw nearly dropped because I was so excited about the solution that they have that really reduces and minimizes the headache of integrating a lot of these platforms to then be able to extract really good insights and information from these tools. So Paul, thanks for joining us today.

Paul: You’re welcome, Daniel, hi. Great to be here, I’m excited.

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Daniel: Yeah, and before I sort of keep going on my little ramble, maybe you can just give us a little background about Popcorn Metrics, and how it works, and what it actually does. And then we can sort of talk a little bit more about how it actually benefits online retailers and digital marketers in general.

Paul: Sure, I’d love to do that. So to give you a very high-level, we make it easy for known technical people, which is generally marketers or it can also be project managers, to capture the kind of data that they need about how the users are actually interacting on their website or web app. And we make it really easy to capture that data and then send that data into marketing tools, into analytics tools, so that they can then improve their business, improve their conversions, improve their ROI, and also work on their channels.

  • Duong Van Thien

    Hi, do you recommend any easy analytics tool, just few click to have some important metrics such as sale funnel, checkout behavior, cart abandonment etc