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Customer Engagement Strategies: How To Understand What They Want To Drive More Sales

Increasing customer engagement has become that fickle goal of every eCommerce professional.  Obviously, a repeat customer is more valuable than a one-time buyer, and customer engagement strategies help develop a relationship with the user, and provides an opportunity to make them a loyal customer.  But the rules  are always changing, and any new insights to keep us ahead of the game is worth it’s weight in gold.

Google Analytics, big data, and other forms of numeric information can produce some valuable stats, but the problem begins when we try to translate them into useful strategies.  Whether it’s used to tweak the product offer, to produce more relevant content, or to send targeted emails – there can be many applications. 

In this interview I’m talking with Avlesh Singh, CEO of WebEngage, a really cool platform that helps to bridge that gap. If your looking to figure out how to better engage your customers, and how to find a starting point to create a dialog, have a listen, and leave you comment below.

Customer Engagement Strategies With Avlesh Singh

[spp-player][spp-timestamp time=”1:05″] –  How WebEngage makes it super simple to get customer feedback and find out how to retain them for longer.

[spp-timestamp time=”2:35″] – The necessity of a customer feedback loop and how to sell the strategy to your company stakeholders.

[spp-timestamp time=”6:20″]  – How to use customer feedback to make smarter business decisions, as apposed to gut feelings.[spp-timestamp time=”7:45″] – Understanding how to request feedback without disrupting the user’s experience.

[spp-timestamp time=”10:24″] – Approaching customer engagement accross different devices.

[spp-timestamp time=”15:40″] – This all sounds interesting. What’s a good starting point?[spp-timestamp time=”20:30″] – Behavioural Data – The balance between understanding what your customers want, and how to keep them in your sales funnel.

Links Mentioned On The Call:

– WebEngage example gallery

– How to sell WebEngae to your Boss

 Read the Transcript

Daniel: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of eComm ThinkTank. My name is Daniel Kohn. And today, we are talking to Avlesh from a really interesting platform called WebEngage. WebEngage is all about engaging, retaining and growing.

And actually more importantly really getting to understand your customers, and trying to go beyond maybe data, trying to go beyond Google Analytics, trying to go beyond graphs and charts, and trying to actually see and get a better picture of what your customers actually want and what they’re actually wishing to say to you, on how to offer and deliver a better user experience across your website and your web offering.

So Avlesh, welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us today

Avlesh: Thank you, Daniel. Thank you so much. And I’m glad to be on your podcast, and would love to share my experiences with WebEngage.

Daniel: Very nice. So just to get started, maybe just give us a little bit of an overview of WebEngage, and where you’ve gotten to today, from how it started as well

Avlesh: Sure. You’ve covered most of it, at least the keywords. Just for the larger audience, yeah? Being a four year old company now, and the tool essentially focuses on conversion optimization, which is the larger area that we play in. And the means to conversion optimization, other tools that we offer inside WebEngage, which generally revolve around user engagement.

So WebEngage is a multi-channel user engagement platform, which allows you to engage with users in real-time inside your site or mobile app. And then also allows you to connect when they’re not engaged or not on your site or app, to another channels like push notifications, e-mails, and text messages. All of this is offered as one bundled tool, and you basically get to build very enriched user profile, create segments of such users who you need to engage with, and then engage across these channels that I just mentioned.