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Re-Platforming for Magento and More: A Strategic Guide

Re-platforming or eCommerce site migration can be a daunting and costly task for online retailers. Yet as an eCommerce business grows, a site re-platform is often an inevitable undertaking that can help take a store to the next level, and in effect, set the stage for generating more online revenue.

eCommerce managers and business owners, alike, are overwhelmed with the various aspects of a site migration also known as re-platforming. When is the right time to re-launch a site? How important is design when addressing UX/UI? Will re-platforming my online store really yield more conversions?

On this episode of eCommThinkTank, Daniel speaks with Matt Lano of digital development agency, Rocket Web, who shares winning strategies to help merchants avoid the common pitfalls of site migration plus how to use data-driven strategies to execute a re-platform with the ultimate goal of increasing sales.

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[4:57] – When is the Right Time to Re-Platform?

[8:27] – Identifying the Pain Points in Your Online Store and How to Fix Them

[13:40] – Tips for Migrating Your Data and Integrations

[16:25] – Creating a Checklist to Ensure a Successful Re-Launch

[20:10] – Front-End Design Considerations for Conversion Rate Optimization

[22:30] – Common Data-Migration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them[29:15] – Using Analytics to Benchmark Success





Rocket Web


Daniel: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of eCommThinkTank. My name is Daniel Kohn, and today we’re talking all about a pretty touchy subject actually, something that can really stress a lot of online retailers out, and eCommerce companies. We’re talking all about re-platforming. When is the right time to re-platform? What are some of the considerations when you’re re-platforming? What are some of the, maybe, platforms you should be looking at, given the size of the…what your business is doing online? And with me to talk more about this and a whole bunch of other things around re-platforming is Matt Lano, who is the head of sales at a digital agency and development house called Rocket Web. So, Matt, welcome to the show.

Matt: Thanks, Daniel. Appreciate the time.

Daniel: Yeah. So maybe, let’s get started by just giving us a little overview of Rocket Web and what you guys do over there.

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Matt: Yeah, absolutely. So Rocket Web is a Magento Solution Partner. We are 100% Magento, so we don’t actually support any additional carts. It’s our number one focus. We have been a solution partner now for, going on, six years. The company is six years old as of January. And we are really…we started as really a back-end development company on Magento, and morphed into what we would consider more of a full agency perspective, providing the full services that a lot of merchants are looking for from really the beginning stages of a re-platform or a new site, of discovery through design, through, certainly, the development, and then the deployment, and then the managed services, which is now a very robust part of our company supporting those eCommerce merchants that are needing ongoing support as they grow in scale.

Daniel: And I can see from your site as well, you’ve got a couple of extensions that you guys have built, specifically for Magento as well.