“Done For You” Data Integration

“Done For You” Data Integration

Let our engineers do all the heavy lifting for you…

We Integrate With Every Shopping Cart Including:

Our “No Developers Required” Integration Guarantee.

SmartMail guarantees the entire data integration completed within 5 business days. Plus, we also guarantee you will not need any developers or resourcing for any part of the integration once we have been given access to your Google Tag Manager.


Let us integrate your site to capture customer behavior, generate product recommendations, automate triggered campaigns, develop deep customer segments, and much more.


Automate high converting email campaigns based on what customers do or don’t do on your website. Create deep customer segments based on browsing history, purchase history and more.


Personalize every email you send with product information, search queries, cart abandonment details, product recommendations and much more.

“SmartMail did the entire integration without our developer lifting a finger. It saved us months of time
and allowed us to start generating more revenue from these emails MUCH faster that we ever expected!”

Avner Kirschenbaum

Digital Marketing Lead, LionParts

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