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We let our track record speak for itself… is an online shopping destination for branded products at 50 – 80% off retail. Before working with SmartMail, they had a series of triggered email campaigns set up, however none of their campaigns targeted the hundreds of thousands of “window shoppers” browsing their site. This case study explores the power and effectiveness of browse abandonment email campaigns and the value they can add to your total monthly sales.

Finest Cuban Cigars are a world leading Cuban Cigar retailer. With a strong & loyal customer base, they wanted to get more out of email, which was underperforming at the time. Unsure of what to do, they brought us in to help them out. This case study reveals what SmartMail did to send more personalized emails to FCC’s customers and how we helped reignite their email subscriber list.

5 automated email campaigns that increased total email revenue by 540%

Most eCommerce companies are now familiar with shopping cart abandonment and the tools to help bring shoppers back. But what about the other 95% of your shoppers who browse product and category pages without adding anything to their carts? This case study outlines how Millers switched to SmartMail and increased their email revenue by 540% by implementing SmartMail’s triggered email campaigns.

$227,000 in additional sales in first 45 days of going live

Daily deal industry pioneers, DailySteals, have always been on the forefront of using data-driven strategies to leverage and optimize their site traffic of millions of monthly site visits. The only problem was that they didn’t have the internal bandwidth or know-how to implement triggered email campaigns that could re-engage their customer base. This case study provides insights on how SmartMail helped generate an additional $227K in the first 45 days of going live.